compared to our Competitors

We wanted to compare our Paid Services and the benefits over free alternatives. We sincerely encourage users to take safety into their hands and purchasing a low cost VPN.

Background on us, are “AgencyVPNs” and we provide a low budget high quality VPN service. We originated when we primarily worked with Development and Marketing Agencies to fill multiple voids we found our own VPN service could fill.

So, if you were to compare say any other free VPN service to “us” – what are the benefits?

Benefit #1: Consistent IP Addresses

With all of the plans we offer, you get access to multiple USA Servers which change your IP Address. These IP Addresses will be consistent and not change over small periods of time. This means you can utilize our shared servers for basic security whitelisting and general VPN usage. Many free options offer multiple ‘servers’ but restrict data usage and do not guarantee the same IP Addresses for their VPNS.

Benefit #2: Quality USA Servers

All of our offers includes USA Servers and IP Addresses. These are high performance Cloud Servers that run in multiple locations with non updating IPs. We do not ‘throttle’ any traffic, we want our users to be as fast as possible. Of course our Custom Plan allows for your own personal server in a location of your choice, which only you and your team will have access to. I do not see any free VPN suppliers who offer this type of performance and reputation which both matter when it comes to Security and maintaining your business’ operations.

Benefit #3: Customer Support Included

This might seem like a small one, but trying to use any FREE VPNs usually are troublesome overtime. Occasionally, even the initial setup or installation can be difficult. (Not everybody are techies!) Because of this we offer quality customer support as long as your a paying customer. Here at AgencyVPNs we utilize Open Source Licensed VPN Client software to ensure device compatibility, but you can use any VPN client you’d like!

Benefit #3: The Feeling Of We Care

I’ve probably used Hundreds of VPNS, from Private Company VPNS, SAAS VPNs like myself, self hosted VPNS, and the free ones I see developers and marketers alike attempt to use. All of those times, I never felt supported or had an elegant way to manage my VPN data. We wanted to make this service as affordable as possible to alienate as many issues for Small Businesses and Agencies. Our current client base grew with us and found the benefit in our small monthly fee to be proactive on a number of issues they experienced. (As well as myself coming from a Development/Marketing Background)