Can I use One VPN client software to run all my VPNs?

One issue I often find people having when dealing with VPNs is, they don’t want 5 different VPN softwares installed on their computer to run all the different VPN’s you might need to tap into. For example lets say I have a “” VPN file, a Personal Nord VPN, as well as a few work VPN files you need to use thoughout the day. Ideally, we can have one piece of software that can allow us to easily manage all our VPNs.



Here steps in OpenVPN, a old and big player in the industry – known for their OpenSource Community. OpenVPN is a VPN Client, which means it is the software that will run on your device. 

 First, lets get NordVPN our of the way – you can download .ovpn files very easily from the Nord Portal. (Tutorial Here



Second, Download the OPENVPN client from the website for the latest version.


Third, go though the process to import all your VPN config files.


Really that’s it and your VPNs should all work from the same client.